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Date: 10. September, 2002
Characters: Dempster & Lavender
Setting: Lav's house
Content: Adult
Status: Open: Private

Demp just needed to reassure himself. Really. )
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I've re-stocked the Medical Center & am working on more stores. If anyone is in need of bolstering their private potions collection, feel free to come by my house (you can find me on the map of Settlement 1 in your datapads) to buy, barter, or trade (only legal trades/bartering are welcome here).

All potions are within regulation and I'm employed by the Ministry and the Med Center to supply their potions, so you can trust my work.

I've got mild sleeping potions, pepper-ups (though I'll only sell those to certain personnel), burn salves, a few other mild healing concoctions as well. Please keep in mind I'm only one wizard with one lab, so I might run out or not have what you need in stock, I'm also not in any way trained concerning Healers work, so I won't diagnose anything.

In the meantime, stay safe all.

Journal 009

Sep. 9th, 2013 12:16 pm
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What in the world is going on? I can't sleep at all. All I do is pace around. Any healers have a suggestion how to fix this?

Needless to say, with all these ... activities... work certainly hasn't been boring.

Am I the only one who isn't looking forward to the full moon?
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Anyone have any charm suggestions for keeping this sulfur smell out of our belongings? I swear no matter how much of my free time I spend airing out and spelling fans around the place, the smell is inescapable. Thanks in advance.

[Private to Lavender]
I know they've upped our hours again but can I see you soon? Part of me just needs to see for myself that we're fine and there's nothing to worry about with the metaphorical clouds gathering. Whenever you're free, I'll make time.
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[Public] -- Drink specials tonight! Half off!

The Earthquake:
- 3 parts Absinthe
- 3 parts Cognac

The Mudslide
- vodka
- Kahlua
- Bailey’s

And good old fashioned island lager, because this place is our home even when the ground is shaking, and we should be grateful and proud of it.
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Last night at the pub, I genuinely heard someone use the chat up line, "Did you feel the earth move? Want to feel it move again?"

Unsurprisingly, it didn't work.

Journal 017

Sep. 2nd, 2013 08:46 pm
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Please tell me I'm not the only one who felt that rumbling. Leo has been going crazy today. I thought it was because James moved in, but he's used to James being around. Does anyone have a clue?

[private to Charlie Weasley]
How are the animals at the Ark? Leo has been restless - constantly getting up and down and pacing. He's not eating much either. When he is resting, he's stuck to my side. Should I bring him in?

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Date: 31. August, 2002
Characters: Lily, James, Remus
Setting: Lily's house
Content: Gen
Status: ?

It didn't seem like a good idea right now )
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Date: 22. August, 2002
Characters: Lily, James
Setting: Lily's house
Content: Gen
Status: Closed : Private

Knock, knock. )
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[Private to Lily]

Lil, can I pop over tonight?
- Yours

[Private to Remus & Sirius]

So, blokes, I'm finally doing it. I've talking to Shacklebolt and I'm going to ask Lily if she'd like to move in together. Any thoughts? Any chance you'll try and talk me out of it? Haha. No, though, seriously, I'm out of my mind with nerves. Do you remember in the other time... How I proposed and all of that? Was I this nervous? Granted, I'm not doing that now, well, or rather just yet I suppose, but I feel like I've got a chocolate frog stuck in my throat just thinking of moving in.
- Prongs

[Private to Ginny]

I wanted to include Alicia on this one but I figure she's quite a bit busy what with just having gotten married and all... Can I ask your advice? Not Drinking Buddy advice but You're My Only Girl Friend advice...? I'm planning to ask Lily to move in together. Anything in particular I should do to make it nice? I've not really got a romantic bone in my body, except when it comes to being crazy about her, but she really does and I want to make sure she feels... Well, loved, you know? Hope to hear from you soon, and maybe we can do a Drinking Buddy catch up session at the World's End and maybe have something to celebrate when we do.

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Date: 18. August, 2002
Characters: Alicia Spinnet, Viktor Krum, OPEN TO EVERYBODY (Please add your character's tag as they join)
Setting: Around Settlement 1
Content: TBD
Status: Open: Public
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Date: 14 Aug 2002
Characters: Sirius Black, open
Setting: World's End Pub
Content: TBD
Status: Public : Complete

A night out. )
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[Private to Lily, Remus, James, and Cecilia]

The new wards are holding on the cargo ships. Merlin only knows it's taken long enough to get that straightened out. Our first successful test of the Floo connection to Australia went through brilliantly - granted we only sent over a small bird, but I wasn't going to risk a wizard or witch on magic I only vaguely remembered from my childhood.

I'll be back at the colony this afternoon and available for drinks at the World's End after I debrief Shacklebolt.

[/End private]
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Remind me never to volunteer to help chaperone a group of teenagers on a school trip. They're exhausting. It doesn't help that a lot of them were taller than me, either! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it also gives me an appreciation for my security rounds.
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[Private to Lily]

Lil, Kingsley wrote me back. We can... continue discussing moving in together. I thought you'd want to know right away. I've already written back to thank him, to let him know we're thinking of it.
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Date: 3. August, 2002
Characters: Cecilia Proudoot and [OPEN]
Setting: The World’s End - evening
Content: TBD
Status: Open: Public

She had found a seat by the bar, and was nursing her glass of red wine while she was watching the people around her. )
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Moutohora Macaws - Appleby Arrows

140 - 340
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Date: 31. July, 2002
Characters: Alicia Spinnet and Viktor Krum
Setting: Their home, mid-morning
Content: TBD
Status: Open: Private

Still, she had been as quiet as humanly possible when she had slipped into bed sometime around 2 last night )